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Tutorials to elevate your everyday sesh routines into rituals you look forward to. Watch and learn (and burn).

Stack Pipe

Set your expectations high.

While the Heirloom Stack may look like a delicate family antique, this multi-functional piece puts in work. An all-in-one pipe, storage, grinder and ash tray, the Stack has you covered from grind to burn. Meticulously designed in collaboration with Castor, the pipe features a generous bowl, positioned a comfortable distance from the mouthpiece for a singe-free session. Unassuming yet opulent, the Heirloom stack belongs on display, at hand and ready for a perfectly proper time. Read more.

Hierloom Stack
A Nugger Of Weed

Multi Tool

Classy and Brassy.

Say good-bye to unevenly packed joints, failed attempts and wasted papers; the Calla Multi Tool promises the perfect joint, with minimal finesse. Simply roll your paper around the cone-shaped barrel, lick to seal, then remove the tool from inside. Slide out the Calla’s rosegold stamen to insert your filter, then to pack down the dried flower into your cone. Twist closed, and behold: a flawless, effortlessly-crafted joint courtesy of the brassy, classy Calla Multi tool. Read more.

Silver coloured downpipe
Silver coloured downpipe

Burn Kit

The Pinnacle of Preparedness.

We’ve all lived the heartbreak of an impromptu joint made impossible for lack of the necessary tools. Nevermore. The Tokyo Smoke Burn Kit houses your papers, poker, grinder card, and collapsible rolling tray in a classic fliptop smoke box. Discreet, simple and stylish, this comprehensive toolkit is good to go on-the-go, fitting easily into your laptop bag, purse or backpack. A pinnacle of preparedness, the Burn Kit is ready when you are. Read more.

Burn Kit
Burn Kit

Rolling Tray

Sleek, stylish, streamlined.

Gaze in awe upon the sleek, multi-dimensional Lantern Rolling Tray. This streamlined surface is a first-class seat for your favourite papers, flower and grinder card. Gather your ground flower into the well for easy rolling, and house your cone in the divots for seamless packing. In collaboration with Castor, the stylish, inconspicuous tray is designed to turn heads without raising an eyebrow. Read more.

Burn Kit
Burn Kit

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