Starter Kit

Easy does it. Our Starter Kit carefully considers the needs of the budding cannaisseur. We’ve chosen easy-to-use accessories that lend themselves to careful consumption of our high CBD, low THC starter varietals.

$260.00 CAD +Colours
Karuna Jar
$65.00 CAD +Colours
Pop Sticks 6 pack
$10.00 CAD +Colours
Burn Kit
$30.00 CAD +Colours
Otto Grinder
$170.00 CAD
Bhakti Tray
$79.00 CAD
Journey3 Pipe
$50.00 CAD +Colours
Cloud Mist
$10.00 CAD
10" Beaker
$225.00 CAD +Colours
Abscent Toiletry Bag
$75.00 CAD +Colours