Cannabis, With Intent

There’s a whole universe of different highs out there—we’ve developed a new language to help you navigate it.

In the last few decades, as serious scientific inquiry has revealed just how sophisticated cannabis really is, it has become obvious that there’s no such thing as a single high. The truth is, there’s a whole universe of different highs out there: highs that are soft and sedative, highs that are energizing and creative, highs that are mindful, highs that are motivating—and just about everything in between.

A wide range of those effects are dependent on the chemical composition. While each person’s individual tolerance can be very different (meaning the same cannabis varietal might affect two people in different ways), we have gained enough of an understanding of the chemistry of cannabis to anticipate some nuances of the experience. The average cannabis plant contains 500+ chemical components—over 100 of which are cannabinoids—and the sophisticated makeup of a particular strain will affect your brain and body in a totally unique way.

But even the most knowledgeable consumers can get lost trying to navigate the convoluted landscape of THC, CBD, terpenes, “sativas”, “indicas”, and everything else. So we’ve developed a different way of looking at cannabis—a new language that will help consumers better understand the myriad products out there, the chemistry that differentiates them, and which ones work best with the activities you’re going to pair them with.

We call this our Intent System, and it’s composed of five unique categories: Go, Rise, Equalize, Ease, and Pause. The organizing principle is simple: what do you intend to do with your cannabis experience?


Sativa-dominant varietals, like the ones found in Go, tend to have higher doses of THC and lower doses of CBD.

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Our Rise products are hybrid, with slightly lower levels of THC, which means they hit the sweet spot between mind and body.

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Offering relatively balanced levels of THC and CBD, our Equalize hybrids are all about keeping an even keel; they’re the perfect place to start for those who haven’t experienced a high in a while (or ever before).

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Our Ease varietals are CBD-dominant, which means the overall effect can be both physical and mental. CBD has no psychoactive effect, and studies have shown that it may act as a buffer against the effects of THC.

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You’ve probably heard the mnemonic—indica, in da couch. With high levels of THC and low on CBD, the products in this category are purpose-built to help you unwind.

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Cannabis is about more than just getting high, it’s about how you use that high.

And although cannabis affects everyone’s system differently, we’ve designed our Intent System to do our best to put you in control of your individual experience. We want to help you navigate our cannabis products with the ideal outcome in mind. Which strains will enhance your intentions? Explore our collections to see the options available to you.

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