Never again will you be caught without rolling papers, or fumble in the clutter of your cavernous bag looking for a suitable poking tool. A modern classic, the Burn Kit’s cutting edge design keeps your stash looking beautifully organized, all within the tried and true flip-top, smoke box design.

Photo by Royal Gilbert

Let us begin with a guided tour of the Burn Kit. When spotted from afar, you might wonder, “how much good could be in that little package?”. The Burn Kit challenges you to think inside the box., compact and nimble, yet sturdy and well-built. You get lost in the pattern, an intricate collage of shapes. Hidden in the seamless design is a capped lid, which folds back to reveal a beautifully organized interior that would shame even the most ardent minimalist.

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Starting from the back, the first compartment houses your Tokyo Smoke grinder card, the thinnest option in grind technology. The grinder card is, of course, stored in its own sleeve to keep your burn kit free from any excess grounds or resin.

Seated just ahead of the grinder card is the next (and arguably the most) important tool in your joint-rolling attaché. Your very own Tokyo Smoke rolling papers are made with natural ingredients, and feature a magnetic enclosure to prevent wrinkled runaway papers.

In the following compartment sits a cardboard rolling tray, held closed by a fire-red aluminum poker, which is used to tamp down your ground flower.

Roll more than you need? Stocking up for later? The final and front-most tray is a storage spot for you to keep that spare joint or your dried flower. And thus concludes the tour.

A world of wonder, in the tiniest of packages. Simply close the lid and toss the burn kit into your backpack, purse or laptop bag, and everything you need is with you whenever and wherever you need it. Made from a coated paper substrate, the Burn Kit’s sturdy box makes it resistant to dents and damage, so your on-the-go joint kit can stand the test of time. And let us confirm, this tool absolutely does spark joy… or jealousy—depending.

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