Rolling Tray

This take on a stash classic marries purpose and beauty unlike any other.

Sleek and artful, the Lantern Rolling Tray is an invaluable addition to both your stash and your fine assortment of home decor. A rolling tray is a stash essential, promising a clean workspace, an organized session and the guarantee that no bud left behind. This take on a stash classic marries purpose and beauty unlike any other.

Forgoing the overused wooden surface tray, this high-density, matte black polyethylene organizer was a collaborative project between Tokyo Smoke and Castor Design. Castor owner and founder Brian Richer and Tokyo Smoke Brands VP and Creative Director Berkeley Poole spearheaded the project.

“We wanted to create something unique, with durability,” Richer told us. An ode to the Tokyo Smoke lantern, the oval-shaped surface features a large circular bowl, a second, smaller oval bowl, three round divots in an array of sizes, as well as a thin vertical cardholder. These thoughtfully omitted negative spaces neatly hold your ground flower, papers, pre-rolls and other stash tools. “The various indents and bowls were never meant to be prescriptive, the end user can use the tray however they see fit.” Celebrating that no two smoke sessions are ever the same, the Lantern Rolling Tray offers endless possibilities in its collection of peaks and valleys.

In Poole’s own words, the Lantern Rolling tray is “kind of a ‘choose your own adventure’ type thing, which is reflective of how people roll and prepare. The way we consume and enjoy isn’t linear—it’s individualistic.”

Whatever your particular style, the Lantern is ready for everything from grind to smoke. When you’re ready to roll, grab your favourite dried flower, papers, a grinder, and a filter. Your guests will flip upon realizing that this stunning dish is a multifunctional joint-rolling tool, and not merely a boutique design item. “You can have it out on your coffee table and it’s not obvious,” Poole says. “If you have your parents over and you don’t necessarily want to be super frank about your cannabis use.”

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The Lantern Rolling tray is designed to be as easy to use as it is on the eyes. Empty your grinder or grind flower directly into the main bowl.

Rest your lighter in the smaller oval indent. Make a pre-roll (free-hand, if you’re a magician, or using the Calla Multi Tool for painless perfection), and place it in the circular divot that fits it best.

Scoop your dried flower to fill your pre-roll, twist to close, and light. Clean up couldn’t be any simpler: toss the Lantern Rolling Tray into the dishwasher, then return it to its prominent display in your living room.

There you have it, a multidimensional workspace, strategically engineered to answer all your rolling needs, and visually stunning to boot. Its curved interior edges mean that your precious dried flower will never escape or get stuck in corners and creases, keeping your countertop clean all the while. So get rolling and explore the countless paths and journeys the Lantern Rolling Tray allows. Take pride in knowing that it looks just as beautiful in use as it does waiting for your next adventure.

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