Artistic and functional vessels for flower. Diverse materials, shapes and designs for beautifully unique smoking experiences.

Tokyo Smoke Pipe Necklace
From $55.00 CAD +Colours
Crystal Gemstone Pipe
From $9.00 CAD +Colours
Jane West Spoon Pipe
From $9.00 CAD +Colours
GRAV Glass 4" Spoon
From $22.00 CAD +Colours
Journey J3 Pipe
From $50.00 CAD +Colours
48North F8 Grace Pipe
From $35.00 CAD
Jane West Onesie Taster Pipe
From $25.00 CAD +Colours
Simple Dugout + One Hitter
From $39.00 CAD +Colours
Genius Mini Pipe
From $55.00 CAD +Colours