Calla Multi

Elegant, lightweight and low maintenance.

This eye-catching accessory may look like an aesthetic addition to your bar cart, but the all-in-one Calla Multi Tool was carefully crafted to ease your joint-rolling anxieties. “Even if you’re dexterous and meticulous, it’s hard to roll a joint,” Berkely Poole, VP and Creative Director of Tokyo Smoke Brands tells us. Whether you’re looking to avoid embarrassment or just a little extra hassle, allow the Calla to do the heavy lifting.

The Calla Multi Tool is made up of two thoughtful, functionally-designed pieces that promise a smooth roll and a painless process, every time. The light pink cast brass barrel mimics the gracefully conical lily shape, while the detachable rose gold poker gives off the appearance of a stamen. “It’s super chic to look at, and its discreet in that if you have it out on your coffee table it’s not immediately recognizable as a cannabis tool.”

Discretion, elegance and functionality form the core of the Calla Tool’s design. Crafting an object that met each of these objectives was no simple task. Poole tells us, “The design process was very iterative, there’s a lot of back and forth.” The end result is something to behold, but more importantly, something you can use.

Rolling a picturesque, smooth-burning joint can be daunting, whether you’re a seasoned toker or a first-time herbalista. But you don’t need years of experience to master the roll. The Calla Multi Tool makes each step of the joint-making process a breeze—let us explain.

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Step 1: Choose your weapons.When you’re ready to roll, grab the Calla Multi Tool, your favourite papers, a filter, and your dried flower of choice. Finely grind your bud.

Step 2: On a roll.Simply roll the paper around the barrel of the tool for a perfectly-shaped cone. Lick the adhesive to seal your paper, and watch your pre-roll take form. Slide your paper off the tool and detach the pokey from inside the silver barrel.

Step 3: Get packing.Use the stamen to firmly insert your filter to the narrow base of the paper cone. Next, scoop your dried flower into the pre-roll with the end of the fluted tool. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Step 4: Wrap it up.Use your pokey tool to tamp down the dried flower and eliminate air pockets, then twist the joint shut. Light, and enjoy.

Last but not least, clean the Calla Multi Tool with rubbing alcohol or Higher Solutions cleaning products to restore the lily to its natural and pristine condition. Return the tool to its rightful resting place—front and center on your mantle, proudly displayed for a job well done.

Unlike your attempts at rolling free-hand, using this accessory should cut down on the stress. Even the most seasoned roller has an off day. This Tokyo Smoke original will pass the test of time, engineered to compact perfection and built using the finest materials. So take your cues from a true roll model: embrace peaceful joint prep and watch your love of rolling bloom.

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