The Tokyo Smoke Story

Tokyo Smoke is an award-winning, design focused, recreational cannabis retailer that believes your individual personalized shopping experience should be nothing short of great.

Since legalization at Tokyo Smoke, we work everyday to change the public’s perception of recreational cannabis, through well-designed store layouts and an immersive retail experience

Tokyo Smoke empowers consumers to make well-informed decisions about safe high-quality products.

How Did We Get There?

The concept first came to life as a cannabis culture coffee shop, which was a safe space to learn about cannabis and purchase curated accessories. The first Tokyo Smoke store opened October 17, 2018, in Manitoba.

Tokyo Smoke Business Partners

Today, Tokyo Smoke is part of a stable of brands owned by Canopy Growth Corporation. In Ontario, Canopy Growth Corporation has entered into strategic partnerships with Katz Group and its subsidiaries to operate Tokyo Smoke retail locations throughout the province of Ontario. 

Tokyo Smoke Brand Values

Intent into Action – For our guests and ourselves, turn intent into action. Don’t just talk about it, do it. Get things done.

Develop our People – Attract, retain and develop the best people and to be seen as a leader in the industry.

Friend of the Community – Make our communities better, show that the cannabis is a powerful force for good.

Integrity in all We Do – Always endeavoring to do the right thing and holding each other accountable to do the same, every day, in everything we do.

Focus on Results – A dedication to growing our business, being thoughtful with our use of resources, and delivering on our commitments.


Becoming a Tokyo Smoke Partner

Using decades of retail experience backed by data and analytics from one of Canada’s largest licensed producers, our hard-working team provides the tools you need to operate your Tokyo Smoke location as a partnered franchisee. Working closely with our franchisees is our top priority.

Providing a Turn-Key Solution

At Tokyo Smoke, our strength is our people. Finding qualified, business-focused franchisees is vital to our growth and success. We give our franchisees comfort in knowing they are joining a community that transforms and grows together.

We Help You Find a Winning Location

Our real estate team works with you to bring new locations to the market. We are focused on finding sites that are positioned with high visibility and high customer traffic in established shopping destinations.

Winning Location - An image of Tokyo Smoke banner with text Now open

Estimated Start-up Costs

Utilizing our partnerships – from landlords to contractors – we work with our partners to optimize cost savings for our franchisee where possible. *Build-out costs will fluctuate based on location.

Ongoing Support

We support franchisees every step of the process.

Lease – Our Real Estate team will work to find you a location and negotiate a lease with commercially compatible terms, with the best interest of you, the franchisee, in mind.

ConstructionExpert's design and build your retail business with the high quality of workmanship. Construction management ensures the construction is of quality and completed on-time.

Staff Recruitment and Training – We consult in the recruitment and training services for all positions of the business. Always working with you to ensure your team is motivated to help achieve your goals, improve constantly and deliver quality experiences.

Ongoing Support – Working alongside you, we provide benefits such as high-level market analysis, supply chain and pricing support, brand focused marketing, and HR consulting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the royalty fee? A: Tokyo Smoke has a royalty fee of 6% of gross revenue.

Q: What are the ad fees? A: The advertising fee is 1% of gross revenue and is spent on a mix of both brand-wide and local targeting marketing initiatives.

Q: Is there a cost for training and ongoing support? A: We provide consulting services for a fee. The consulting services provided include, accounting, inventory management, HR and marketing, bookkeeping and payroll. 

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