Tokyo Smoke Saskatchewan


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  • All Quatreau 355mL Beverages
  • All Shred Concentrates & Pre-rolls
  • Kolab Black Cherry Live Resin 0.5mL Vape Carts
  • Phyto Pink Kush 1g Shatter
  • Qwest Apricot Kush Live Sugar Concentrate
  • Qwest Phenome OG Spike Flower
  • Rilaxe Mango Tango 10mg Edibles

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  • VeryVell Exhale Drops
  • Big Bag O' Buds ICC 28g Flower 
  • Big Bag O' Buds Ultra Sour 28g Flower 
  • Good Supply DP White Rhino 1g Wax 
  • Good Supply Starwalker Kush 0.5g x 7 Pre-Rolls
  • All Hwy 59 1g Concentrates
  • Hwy 59 Cow Tipper 1mL Vape Cart
  • Wildlife Blackberry Gelato 3.5g Flower

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  • All Highland Grow Flower and Pre-rolls
  • All Ace Valley 0.5mL Vape Carts
  • Ace Valley 4:1 Grapefruit Gummies
  • Ace Valley Great White Shark 0.5g x 3 Pre-rolls
  • Ace Valley Indica 0.3g x 8 Pre-rolls
  • 7Acres Wappa 49 & Jack Haze 3.5g Flower
  • Best Buds LA Kush Cake 3.5g Flower
  • Bhang CBD Milk 10mg Chocolate
  • Bold Bruce Banner & Zktlz Glue 3.5g Flower
  • Broken Coast Saturna 3.5g Flower
  • CannaFarms 0.5g Hash Rosin & Live Rosin 
  • Doja Cali Kush Cake, Garlic Breath & Sour Glue 3.5g Flower
  • Doja Lemon Margy Live Resin 1mL Vape Cart
  • Grasslands Indica 1g Concentrate
  • Jane and Juice MTL Blond Hash 1g
  • All Kazoo Vape Pens
  • Kin Slips by SYMBL Park Life 10mg x 10 Sublingual Strips
  • Muskoga Grown Chem OG 3.5g Flower
  • All North 40 Flower
  • North 40 Platinum OG Hash 0.5g
  • Ouest Peyote WiFi & Sweet Demon 3.5g Flower
  • Ripple Honey Infused CBD Gummies 10mg x 2

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  • All Dosist DP50 0.18mL Vape Pens
  • 7Acres Kali Mist 1g Badder
  • All Blendcraft Concentrates
  • Edison GMO Cookies & MAC-1 3.5g Flower
  • All Solei PAX Vape Pods
  • Sundial 2:1 Vape Carts
  • All Top Up 2g Flower
  • Tweed Lemon Kush 3.5g Flower

Discounts are available online in Saskatchewan only and are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Tokyo Smoke. Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer and are available while quantities last.

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