Spark Notes

Our downloadable journal is your cannabis captain’s log, mapping out your explorations with new varietals.

Dear Diary

We are passionate about helping people living fuller lives with cannabis. Figuring out how to do so takes a lot of self-reflection and intentional thinking. We’ve designed the Spark Notes journal to help you construct your understanding of how you and cannabis interact. This is also a helpful tool for choosing future varietals, offering you and your Tokyo Smoke education specialist a cannabis history to inform your future varietal choices. Keep scrolling for an overview of the domains that are covered in the Spark Notes journal so you have a better idea of how to fill it out.


Download “Spark Notes” here


All % Are ≠

When you think about cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, you may believe all percentages are on the same sliding scale
—not so much. Use the scale below as a general guideline when choosing a varietal.


THC < 7%, CBD < 1%


THC 7 – 10%, CBD 1 – 2%


THC 11 – 15%, CBD 2 – 3%


THC 16 – 20%, CBD 3 – 5%


THC > 20%, CBD > 5%


Timing Is Everything

Just as each person and scenario are different, the effects of cannabis consumption can arrive at varying rates. That said, here are some estimated timelines based on method. Noting how long it takes for you to feel the effects will give you a clearer picture of how other forms may affect you as well.


Mode of consumption

Time to feel effect

Duration of Effect

Smoking (joint, pipe, bong)


1 – 3 hrs



1 – 2 hrs


1-2 hrs

4 – 10 hrs


15 mins – 1 hr

4 – 10 hrs


1-2 hrs

4 – 10 hrs

Follow Your Nose

Individual varietals earn their distinct aromas from organic compounds called terpenes. For some, it’s a citrus or floral smell; in others, it’s like earth or of the woods. These compounds are found in all sorts of plants, so it’s natural that cannabis’ terpene profile will deliver tastes and smells you recognize from elsewhere, and have a unique emotional response to.
  • Take a deep whiff of your flower before your session and note what you smell and how it makes you feel.
  • Smell the flower in back-to-back comparison to coffee beans, to more easily discern the individual notes.
  • Jot down the terpene profile when shopping for your cannabis, as they are not featured on your cannabis packaging and might help you choose your next favourite varietal.