Following your nose can help you determine which varietals are most likely to suit your needs and preferences.

Follow Your Nose

Individual varietals earn their distinct aromas from organic compounds called terpenes. For some, it’s a citrus or floral smell; in others, it’s earthy or of the woods. All of these are indicators of traits specific to that plant. Not unlike aromas found in other plants throughout the natural world, you’re going to be attracted to some more than others.

Meet the Terpenes

Below are the most popular terpenes found in cannabis. Use this chart to identify which aromas you already enjoy in your everyday life, and match them to our cannabis products with similar terpene notes. 



Terpene Notes:
Pine and herbs

Also found in Pine, Basil, Parsley, Dill


Terpene Notes:
Citrus and spice

Also found in Citrus, Rind, Rosemary, Juniper, Peppermint


Terpene Notes:
Earth and musk

Also found in Hops, Mango, Lemongrass


Terpene Notes:
Sweet and floral

Also found in Lavender, Candy, Rosewood, Bergamot


Terpene Notes:
Spice and pepper

Also found in Close, Camoher, Pepper, Cinnamon

For a more specific look at how terpenes affect flavour profile and where else they are found in nature, see chart below: