Ready to Rumble?

See how our heavy hitters stack up.

Choice doesn’t feel like a luxury when we don’t fully understand our options. That’s why we’re contrasting these close contenders to help guide decisions that work for your needs. Let us clear the haze around these products so you can build out the bud cart of a winner.



Dual use for flower and concentrate

8-10 sessions per charge

22 second heat time

4 temperature settings

Steel oven


Compatible with flower only

12 sessions per charge

45 second heat time

8 temperature settings

Ceramic heating

Vaporizers are cropping up everywhere, and it’s no wonder. As many consumers have realized, the faster onset times achieved through inhalation can be enjoyed without consuming smoke. For those of us prone to misplacing lighters and papers, the easy pack-and-go preparation is a definite bonus.

That said, vapes vary widely in their functions, interfaces, sizes and price points. Consider whether you would be satisfied with a vaporizer with more prescriptive temperature ranges, or would you prefer to be able to fine-tune down to the degree? Is it important to you to have a display screen, or are you good with just LED indicators? Peruse our vape selection here to get a sense of what’s up in the world of vape tech. Of course, in-store our education specialists are more than happy to help you make your selection. Find a location near you here.



Highly customizable serving sizes

Onset time 30 minutes - 2 hours

Great raw recipe additive (smoothies, salad dressing)

Versatile delivery (alone, in food or drink)


1 capsule = 1 serving

Onset time 30 minutes - 2 hours

Discreet and portable

No mess, no prep

Wondering how you can incorporate the unique properties of ingestible cannabis into your routine? Let’s digest the specifics. Compared to inhalable consumption methods, the effects of ingestible cannabis forms take considerably longer to kick in, are strongly felt throughout the body, and are long-lasting*. Both of these ingestible forms can be savoured smokelessly, appealing to those who prefer an odourless, discreet option.

A key difference separating these two forms is the dosing options. With capsules, there is no measuring required. Capsules come with precise, pre-measured cannabinoid-per-capsule contents clearly indicated right on the label. While legal cannabis oil is just as meticulously formulated and precise in its content, thanks to its fluid nature, you can easily deliver partial servings with the included dropper. Note that cannabis oil is not intended to be cooked or baked with, as it has already been decarboxylated in its production.

*Health Canada Guidelines indicate that individuals may feel the effects of cannabis for up to 24 hours after consumption.

Smoking Vessels


Water chamber cools smoke

Better suited for cannabis connaisseurs

Doubles as home decor

Built for tabletop stability


Easy to enjoy small amounts

Optimal for the less-experienced


Portable and discreet

These tried-and-trues can take a hit… literally. The commonality in these OG options is easy prep, immediacy of onset*, and basic functional geometry. Ground flower goes into the bowl, is lit, and inhaled. When deciding which accessory works best for you, consider the typical setting for your sesh.

The bong is big, bold, beautiful and breakable. It’s not set up to travel with ease, sitting prettier on a safe and stationary coffee table. Pipes are smaller and hardier, often designed to sit flat on surfaces and better suited to pack on-the-go. The water that goes into bongs to cool and filter the smoke further limits their portability. With shorter chambers and no cooling system, the smoke from pipes can tend to be hotter and harsher than from a bong. A best-of-both-worlds option is the Genius Pipe, comprised of dimpled metal plates that cool while you pull.

Sativas by Intent


Pairs well with finishing that DIY project

High THC content

Sativa dominant


Pairs well with uncovering your inner Da Vinci

Mid-high THC content

Sativa-leaning hybrid

You might have noticed that two sativas have a home in the Tokyo Smoke Intent family. So what sets them apart?

Sativa-leaning Rise has a mid-high THC content. While it should still be approached with caution, it may deliver a lower potency intoxication than Go. Shop Rise and similar varietals here.

Sativa dominant Go is more closely aligned with true sativa properties than its sister varietal Rise. Go also contains a higher THC content, and should only be attempted by those who have demonstrated a gradually developed THC tolerance. Shop Go and similar varietals here.

When exploring a new cannabis varietal, always start low and go slow. This means small quantities consumed, and allowing ample time for effects to set in. Our Spark Notes varietal journal can help document your experience and chart your future explorations. Print one free at home or visit us in-store to pick up a copy IRL.

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