Everything You Need To Know About Beverages

There may be health risks associated with beverages that are not fully known or understood. Refer to the following for risks of beverages: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada.html

Everything You Need To Know About Beverages

Drink it in.

From science fiction to reality, cannabis beverages are here—cheers to the future of cannabis.

A Cannabis beverage

What is a cannabis beverage?

Cannabis-infused beverages are just what they sound like: drinks that have cannabis-infused into them. Sounds simple, right? Ok, perhaps it’s not as simple as just adding it in. Traditionally, cannabis beverages have needed fatty ingredients in order to dissolve properly, meaning that combos were limited to a few recipes using milky liquids.

How do cannabis beverages work?

First things first, cannabis distillate is made. “Distillate” is a substance made from distillation, a process that purifies liquid by separating (or removing) selected components. The term “distillate” comes from the extraction method used to make it, known as “short-path distillation”.

Our Distilled Cannabis™ distillate is an almost clear, amber-coloured, thick, sticky liquid that can contain up to 96% cannabinoids. As with most extracts, THC and/or CBD levels in distillate depend on the quality of the starting materials used to make it.

What can you make with that? What are the different types of beverages?

Oh, the possibilities. Drinks can be made with CBD isolate, or from cannabis distillate (which can have CBD and THC) that is mixed with other liquids. Some drinks can get you high, but beverages are limited to no more than 10 mg of THC per package. The carry limit is still the same (30g of dried cannabis), so an equivalency will be listed on your beverage package.

How long do cannabis drinks last?

Like edibles, beverages are ingested and go through your digestive system. It may take a bit longer for you to feel the effects (vs. smoking or vaping), and those effects typically last longer. Beverages kick in after about 30-120 minutes and can last up to 12 hours* Because cannabis affects everyone differently, our advice is always to start low, and go slow

Safety and responsible consumption

Infusing beverages with cannabinoids is a challenge as they lack fatty ingredients. Consumers will find infused drink recipes online, however, most are gimmicks or involve some form of hot milk product. Making high quality infused drinks requires proper emulsifying equipment and technology to ensure the beverage provides the right taste, consistency and efficacy.


You will be able to buy cannabis beverages anywhere in Canada you can legally buy cannabis today.

While the regulations change in October 2019, these new formats likely won’t be available in stores until mid-December 2019 and into Spring 2020.

There is a possibility that these beverages will be available in liquor stores at some point, but not any time soon.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Beverages? At the Liquor Store?

No. At this time you can’t get cannabis drinks in liquor stores, and it’s not legal to sell cannabis beverages with alcohol in them. In order to consume responsibly and reduce your risk, you should not mix your cannabis beverages with alcohol or other substances. Also, never drive high.

Cannabis-infused beverages should be available wherever cannabis is legally sold, starting in the winter of 2019. Remember to start low and go slow while you test out how your body will interact with a particular cannabis drink.

*Health Canada advises some effects may last up to 24 hours.

We’re ready for a revolution in cannabis, are you joining us?

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