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Spruce up your bud cart. Design-forward pieces make for elegant and functional experiences.

Optimize your sesh with beautiful vessels, tools and kits. 


Shine 24k Gold Cone
From $10.00 CAD +Colours
Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers
From $16.00 CAD +Colours
Jane West Onesie Taster Pipe
From $25.00 CAD +Colours
Van der Pop Lighter
From $3.00 CAD
Maitri Veda Pipe
From $30.00 CAD
Tokyo Smoke Queue Lighter
From $25.00 CAD +Colours
Yew Yew Triangle Pipe
From $25.00 CAD +Colours
Tokyo Smoke 6-Pack Cones
From $7.00 CAD +Colours
Van der Pop 6-Pack Cones
From $7.00 CAD +Colours
JUJU Power 510 Battery
From $35.00 CAD +Colours
Tokyo Smoke Keychain Storage
From $20.00 CAD +Colours
Tokyo Smoke Fluted Bong
From $125.00 CAD +Colours
Tokyo Smoke Fluted One Hitter
From $15.00 CAD +Colours
PAX Screens
From $13.00 CAD
PAX Mini Charger
From $33.00 CAD
Debbie Carlos Block Pipe
From $20.00 CAD +Colours