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Spruce up your bud cart. Design-forward pieces make for elegant and functional experiences.

Optimize your sesh with beautiful vessels, tools and kits. 


PAX Mini Charger
From $33.00 CAD
Tokyo Smoke Abscent Banker Bag
From $27.99 CAD +Colours
Eco 420 Air Filter Cartridge
From $18.99 CAD +Colours
Tokyo Smoke Matches
From $3.00 CAD +Colours
Houseplant Lighter
From $1.99 CAD +Colours
RAW Pre Rolled Cones
From $3.00 CAD +Colours
Tokyo Smoke Vape Pen Hard Case
From $14.00 CAD +Colours
Tokyo Smoke Joint Ring Holder
From $14.99 CAD +Colours
Tokyo Smoke Vape Organizer
From $15.99 CAD +Colours
Journey J3 Pipe
From $50.00 CAD +Colours
Eco 420 Air Filter
From $36.99 CAD +Colours
G.Pen Connect Wax Vaporizer
From $209.00 CAD +Colours
Tokyo Smoke 11" Bong
From $49.00 CAD +Colours
Canadian Lumber Rolling Papers
From $1.50 CAD +Colours