Tokyo Smoke Heirloom Stack

$225.00 CAD
  • Tokyo Smoke Heirloom Stack

Tokyo Smoke Heirloom Stack

$225.00 CAD
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Evoking the charm of a vintage candy dish, the Heirloom Stack is the product of a first-time collaboration between Tokyo Smoke and Toronto-based design firm Castor. Crafted from heat-resistant glass, this three piece set is comprised of a pipe, grinder, ashtray and storage that offers an elegant and multi-faceted tool for consumers of all ages.

Inspired by times past, the grinder’s pattern is modelled after ancient millstone, ensuring a grind that has been trusted for centuries. Stylistically, the set pulls its inspiration from tea-sets found in your grandmother’s house; making your pieces beautifully unassuming in plain sight.   

Interested in learning more about this exciting new collaboration? Click here to read our recent interview with Castor founder Brian Richer. 


Castor Design is a Toronto-based design firm run by Brian Richer and Kei Ng. The two have built a career on creating practical yet playful decor pieces, with a niche for bringing the function of tired or misused objects back to life. Castor first entered the cannabis space with the creation of the Voong, a vase that doubles as a bong. This new collaboration with Tokyo Smoke offers a unique composition of discreet essentials, all while being pleasing to the eye.

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