Rise to the occasion

Tokyo Smoke’s sativa-leaning, mid-high THC “Rise” is now available in Ontario and Manitoba.

We’re on the Rise

Tokyo Smoke's Rise is a sativa leaning hybrid that packs a moderate-high THC punch with little to no CBD content. Compared to our “Go” offerings, this varietal delivers a milder THC content and is closer to a balanced indica/sativa hybrid in composition. With a terpene profile featuring Pinene, Rise has an herbal bouquet that features notes of, you guessed it, pine.


Just so we’re clear, when we refer to flower, we’re talking about the raw buds of the cannabis plant. Cannabis buds are typically ground in a grinder, then rolled into a joint, or packed into the bowl of a pipe, bong or vaporizer. The onset and duration listed below apply to these inhaled forms of consumption.


THC: 10% - 20% │CBD: 0% - 0.07%
Sensation: Mind & Body
Onset: Seconds to minutes
Duration: Up to six hours

Intensity & Level

You’ll notice that our cannabis products all have an icon illustrating where you might feel the effects (mind/body) and a numerical icon demonstrating the intensity (1 being the lowest intensity, and 3 being the highest). Our intensity levels are by no means a guarantee, but they can offer a frame of reference when you’re choosing new varietals.


Where to stock up

Tokyo Smoke Rise is now available
online at the OCS if you live in Ontario, and right here online if you live in Manitoba. If not, sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when Tokyo Smoke cannabis becomes available chez you.

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