Beginner’s Guide

An unintimidating, easy guide to cannabis wisdom for the budding cannabis connoisseur.


There is a lot to know as a newcomer to cannabis, which can be equal parts intriguing and intimidating. Below are the choices you need to make when building out your ideal experience and bud cart.

1. Before You Go, Learn the Lingo

  • Varietal: A unique strain of cannabis
  • Sativa: A species of cannabis, known for energizing properties.
  • Indica: A species of cannabis, known for calming properties.
  • Dominant: A varietal strongly tends toward one of the species, indica or sativa. For example, a sativa dominant varietal will be strongly aligned with known properties of Sativas.
  • Leaning: A varietal tends toward one of the species, indica or sativa, but is closer to an evenly balanced hybrid than a dominant varietal.


2. Choose your Intent

We’ve grouped our cannabis offerings by intent to offer some guidance on how cannabis can help mobilize your intent into action.

When buying online or in-store, these may be helpful guidelines for you to assess which varietals to explore, and which varietals are appropriate for different settings and time of day.

  • Go: Ignites energy. Pairs well with finishing a DIY project, running a personal best or taking it to the bedroom. Sativa dominant varietals containing high levels of THC and low levels of CBD.
  • Rise: Sparks curiosity. Pairs well with: uncovering your inner DaVinci, bringing wit to book club and getting inspired by a TED talk. Sativa-leaning varietals containing mid-high levels of THC and low-mid levels of CBD
  • Equalize: Restores balance. Pairs well with: picnicking, having a heart-to-heart or catching a matinee. Balanced varietals containing relatively even levels of THC and CBD.
  • Ease: Provides comfort. Pairs well with: recovering post-workout, connecting with nature, or enjoying a deep tissue massage CBD dominant varietals containing high levels CBD and low levels of THC.
  • Pause: Promotes relaxation. Pairs well with: pondering cloud formations, streaming a mindless show, shutting it down for the night Indica dominant containing high levels of THC and low levels of CBD.


3. Choose your Form   

This refers to how the cannabis is offered; be it dried, rolled, encapsulated or infused into oil. 

  • Flower: Cannabis buds are typically broken up with a grinder and rolled into a joint or packed into a pipe, bong or vaporizer.
    [Onset: Immediate, Duration: 1-3 hours]
  • Oil: A few drops under the tongue or mixed into a smoothie, oils are precise in their THC/CBD content.
    [Onset: 15 minutes - 1 hour, Duration: 4 - 10 hours]
  • Spray: Spray under your tongue or in your cheek and breathe deeply for a discreet, precise dose.
    [Onset: 15 minutes - 1 hour Duration 4 - 10 hours]
  • Capsule: An easily ingested, discreet and precise dose.
    [Onset: 15 minutes - 1 hour Duration 4 -10 hours]

See here to learn more about different forms.


4. Choose the Strength of your Experience

This is a score we’ve given for an at-a-glance look of where a varietal falls within groupings of varietal intensity; 1 being the lowest , 2 being mid-range and 3 being the highest.

These intensity scores  are determined by a number of data points, including plant species, THC %, CBD %, and dominant terpenes.This will give you an approximate idea of how one varietal stacks up against others and how it may compare in its effects. (link out to appropriate CMS)

See here to learn more about THC and CBD.

See here to find out why our motto is Start Low, Go Slow if you're new to this.


5. Choose your Accessory

There are different factors to consider when selecting a cannabis accessory that makes sense for you and the form of cannabis you’re consuming. Also, be sure to note that not all accessories and forms are compatible. Flower is the only form that absolutely needs an accessory to consume.


Forms Accessories
Flower Bongs, pipes, joints, vaporizers
Capsules/Oils/Sprays These are ingestible, no accessories required

With all of these methods, bear in mind that inhaling smoke may be harmful to your health.

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6. Start Low, Go Slow.

What’s the rush? Every individual’s system is unique to them, meaning different varietals will affect people in a variety of ways. Whatever you are trying, the best course of action is to start with a low dosage of THC and go slow, allowing ample time for the effects to kick in. For newbies, consider lower intensity varietals to start. Use a strain journal to make note of what works for you and what doesn’t.

Here’s a chart that highlights ideal starting doses:


Dried Flower
1 – 2 inhalations of dried cannabis that is low in THC and high in CBD


Start with just one 2.5 mg (THC) capsule


Start with just one 2.5 mg spritz (THC)