Oh Happy Daze

Finally, sunny weather and sunnier dispositions. Whether out of the country, or just out of office, we’ve got accessories for making the most of those fleeting summer days.
Gemstone Pipe
$60.00 CAD +Colours
10" Beaker
$225.00 CAD +Colours
24K Gold Rolling Papers
$30.00 CAD +Colours
$195.00 CAD +Colours
Pax 3
$260.00 CAD +Colours
Vapium Lite
$100.00 CAD +Colours
Mini Genius Pipe
$95.00 CAD +Colours
Bhakti Tray
$79.00 CAD
Tanjun Pipe
$72.00 CAD
Hudson Pipe
$80.00 CAD +Colours
Triangle Pipe
$70.00 CAD +Colours
Charlotte Pipe
$58.00 CAD +Colours
Davinci IQ
$360.00 CAD +Colours
LEVO 2 Oil Infuser
$455.00 CAD +Colours
Tokyo Smoke Candle
$65.00 CAD +Colours
  • Exclusive
Clueless T-Shirt
$45.00 CAD