Mother's Day Collection

This is the mother of all mother’s days. Whether mom’s working from home, moonlighting as a math teacher, or holding it down on the front lines, she deserves a little something extra this year. Be sure to order by May 3rd to get that “little something” in time for her big day.


Tokyo Smoke Rise
THC 13.3% - 24%  |  CBD 1%
From $20.00 $36.00 CAD
Tokyo Smoke Voong
From $125.00 CAD +Colours


Tweed Penelope
THC 25mg/ml  |  CBD 18mg/ml
From $50.00 CAD


Tweed CBD
THC 1mg (per unit)  |  CBD 20mg (per unit)
From $31.00 CAD


Tokyo Smoke Go
THC 830mg/g  |  CBD 10mg/g
From $55.00 CAD


Tweed Penelope - Skunk Haze
THC 6.4% - 9.6%  |  CBD 5.6% - 8.4%
From $10.00 CAD