THE ESSENTIALS Men’s Spring Fashion 2016

THE ESSENTIALS Men’s Spring Fashion 2016

THE ESSENTIALS: Men’s Spring Fashion Trends 2016

Finally, The Essentials Spring 16 Collection has arrived: A tried-and-true wardrobe of items that impress on every occasion. Now that the winter has migrated to the southern hemisphere of the world, spring ushers a fresh new wardrobe of classic, simple and stand-out essentials to set aside the dull men from the stylish.

Throw out cheap fits and on-sale cotton, this year’s essentials are made with quality and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.



Men's Loopback Cotton Sweatshirt (photo: Sunspel)


Cotton Jersey Sweaters:


It’s a classic clean cut that will elevate any outfit. Don’t bother buying one on-sale, the Essential grey sweater has a defined fit with a soft liner to make any outfit feel like a sweat pant onesie. Paired with classic denim jeans and Stan Smiths, you’ve got yourself an essentials outfit of the day.


Brand: SUNSPEL Loopback Cotton Jersey Sweatshirt



Adidas Stan Smith (photo: Adidas)


Adidas Stan Smith:


It’s a stable in men’s fashion, from spring, summer to fall. Adidas Stan Smith are one of the few classic sneakers that will compliment an outfit from dawn to dusk. Buy this classic American tennis shoe and feel the difference with a sneaker instead of a dress shoe. No blisters included.


Brand: Adidas Stan Smith




Nylon Knit Wool Blend Hoodie (photo: Stephen Harris)


Quilted Wool Blend Hoodie


Given the unpredictable rain or shine spring forecast, this quilted wool blend hoodie will equip you for anything, with a simple design and luxury wool feel. Ditch the ugly rain jacket and step up your spring jacket game with this dynamic wool blend hoodie, stylish in any forecast.

Brand: Tokyo Smoke


Website: E-commerce platform coming soon [TOKYOSMOKE STORE PAGE URL]




Cotton Oxford Shirt

It’s never too late to invest in a Ralph Lauren Polo. Since the birth of stylish Essentials, this slim-fit Oxford shirt has redefined bland wardrobes with a neat button down, fashionable fit and clean look. It’s a stable that pairs well with casual business attire and denim jeans.

Brand: Ralph Lauren




Elkington Natural Leather Briefcase (photo: Mulberry)

Leather Briefcase

Don’t be intimidated by the price tag. This Essentials briefcase will last a lifetime with luxury leather that will age like a bottle of malt whiskey. With an adjustable shoulder strap, room for laptop, notes and journals, this all-encompassing leather briefcase is a one-stop shop for any working man on-the-go. Paired with the Essential items above, you’ve got yourself an Essential’s spring 2016 outfit.

Brand: Mulberry