The Cannabis Diaries The Ex-Snowboarder Turned Dad

The Cannabis Diaries The Ex-Snowboarder Turned Dad

At Tokyo Smoke, we're anonymously chatting with our friends, cafe dwellers and extended creative community about their Cannabis habits over the course of a week. From strains to supplies, anecdotes and advice, the outcome is always interesting. Here's one story:

I think the best way to describe me in University was a Pothead snowboarder. I loved weed – LOVED IT. But then something happened when I turned 30. I became an adult and a father, and it was time to put the weed away and focus on my new baby boy. I guess the other thing that happened is I tried to smoke weed about 8 months after he was born I found some weed that I had from before. My wife and son were out for a couple of hours and I thought “Hey why not?” Well what happened was terrible. I full freaked out thinking I had forgotten everything from sending a work contract, to buying the right diapers. This lasted for an hour or two, then I calmed down and that was it for weed for me for a long time.

Fast forward three years, I have a new job working in tech sales, my son is 3 years old, and the weed revolution has happened where I can choose weed like wine. The below is a month of my weed consumption as I am not a regular smoker any more but I do love to unwind with a joint from time to time.


Fuck I hate Monday’s sometimes. This was a particular bad one as rough day at the office. Came home and my friend had given me a strain called Jean Grey. He said it was lighter high and I wouldn’t burn out. I helped my wife put my son to bed, waited till he fell asleep and then smoked a little out of a pipe. Just relaxed for the rest of the night read a magazine caught up on Netflix and talked with my wife about Family holiday coming up in November.

Left weed alone for the majority of the week, but then came Friday.

I rolled a little joint, (my favorite way to smoke), and my wife and I cooked dinner together. I have no idea what type of weed it was, another friend grabbed me a half quarter (That will last me a while). The difference with this is that the two of us were not functional stoners. The weed was too strong; we got down on a big meal. Laughed are asses off at a stupid comedy and my wife feel asleep on the couch.

Next week I had a terrible cold. Could be that I smoke cigarettes as well, but it felt like I had nails in my throat. So no smoking of any kind this week.







And I’m Back! Between getting my kid to daycare, making sure I’m a good husband, and trying to excel at my job I find it hard to relax. Sure I have beers and see friends, but sometimes I just want to relax for an hour or two hence joints. I do the dad thing, my wife and I go downstairs after bath time, stories, and bed time. I pull out the pipe and the same Jean Grey that was great the first time. Smoke a bowl, and draw a little – something I am trying to do to help me relax. We call it a day early and head up to bed.




Grab some after work drinks. My buddy invites me over to smoke a joint after we leave the bar. We get to his house and he pulls out a bunch of pre rolled one paper joints. I ask what kind this is and he says “it’s some sort of sativa that I got from the dispensary”. We smoke it and I ask him about how he got hooked up at a dispensary. He tells me the story of how he just went in and got a prescription within an hour or two and now he can buy weed. I have known this was happening and a lot of my friends do it but damn that sounded easy. Also this weed was way too strong for me. I have realized that I like “light” highs. I can’t handle this intense high anymore, and I now know what I am looking for.




My wife is heading to NYC for business, which means it’s a boys day! My son and I drop her off at the airport and I have a couple of friends coming over to watch football. I grab some chicken wings, and then put my son down for a nap. Look at my two friends and say who is rolling? We roll two strains the Jean Gray and Hawaiian Punch I think. The high was great super mellow, laughed a lot, yelled at the TV because my fantasy team and real team suck.


Just had myself a nice little Sunday. My son wakes up a couple hours later and we have dinner. Hang out put him to bed, and I feel like drawing again. I roll up a little joint smoke it to myself through on some amazing 90s rock and draw for the next hour. I finish doing what I’m doing and realize its 10:30 first thought Oh shit gotta get ready for Monday.