Responsible cannabis use

Cannabis legalization is cause for celebration, and also provides us with the opportunity to take cannabis use out of the shadows, and usher in a new era of safe, well-informed access to cannabis. Legalization will bring with it increased regulation and heightened penalties for reckless or endangering behaviour, so keep the following in mind to help ensure everyone can have a good time the right way.


Keep it out of little hands...and paws!

It’s up to you to make sure your cannabis is secure and not accessible to those who should not be consuming it, including minors and pets.

For little ones, consider keeping your stash out of reach and in a child proof container.

Edibles can be especially vulnerable to accidental cannabis consumption by humans and animals alike. Don’t leave them unattended while cooling and/or unlabelled. Be especially careful not to leave out any ingestible or edible products on countertops or places that a curious child or hungry pet dog might be able to reach.


Don’t Mix with Booze

Whether unwinding at home, or out for a night with friends, keep alcohol or other substance use separate from cannabis consumption. Combining cannabis and alcohol is inadvisable, and mixing them can result in a number of less than great side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, fainting, and absolute, gut-wrenching regret. Save yourself the trouble and nix the mix.


Way high, but never the highway.

NEVER consume and drive. No matter what. Cannabis may affect your ability to track moving objects and slow your response time, which are pretty crucial to safe driving. Research has also shown that cannabis can also impair one’s ability to recognize their own impairment. So, even if you think you’ll be okay, please do not endanger yourself and others. Always ensure you have a contingency plan in place to get you home safely at the end of the night.

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