Joint, Bong or Vape

Joint, Bong or Vape

It’s the age old debate. Do I hit that bong, smoke that joint, or pull on that vape? These various methods for smoking each have their own set of devoted followers who debate the value of each fiercely. There are those that are devoted to the art of the joint, able to roll up anything, of any size at a moments notice. Some are die hard bong hitters, dedicated to the glass and the perfectly filled tube. Last but not least, there are those new disciples of the vape, a raising sect of marijuana smokers who value the covert hit and portability the medium makes available. Regardless of which camp you may fall into, it is reassuring to know that everybody is heading to the same destination, the name of which is another hotly debated topic. But say you’re new to the scene, how do you decide which is right for you? You could listen to the propaganda from the joint camp, or the vape establishment, or even the bong society. Or you could read the following unbiased analysis of the when and where of each and decide for yourself.


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No matter what your level of marijuana experience, you have undoubtedly become familiar with the iconic joint. Whether it was from watching Dazed and Confused or Pineapple Express, the thinly rolled white joint is a mainstay of popular culture. It alone is able to represent cannabis culture as a piece of iconography. The joint is perfect for when you have a little time on your hands. Rolling the perfect doobie is no easy task. There are always the pros out there, that one friend who has the magic touch and the steady hand but even in these spectacular cases a joint can take some time to get rolled up. Concerts, parks, back alleys – the joint has always felt at home in these locations. Perhaps you smoke cigarettes, then guess what, you’re already familiar with the methodology behind smoking a joint. It’s simple really, and shouldn’t take more than three steps: 1) place at lips 2) inhale gently 3) exhale. So if you find yourself with a little time and the patience or ability to roll one up, a joint might be the perfect option for you.


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A bong on the other hand is a little limiting. You don’t see very many people packing their bong up and carrying it around on the streets, and for good reason. The things can be big and heavy. The perfect place to take a hit of the bong is probably at a home. You or a friend may have one, maybe somebody brings one over, anyway it happens, the bong tends to stay at home. That isn’t to say it doesn’t offer its own set of distinct advantages. The water filled chamber helps to filter the smoke, giving it a smoother edge than you may experience with a slow burning joint. With limited time on your hands the bong may become your choice method of consumption as well. Simply grind up some weed, pack the bowl, light it and pull, there isn’t that much to it.


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The vape on the other hand is very similar to the joint and in many ways it is just the updated version of the old classic. There are a variety of vaporizers available to todays modern smoker. Some rely on concentrated oils and others still utilize plant matter. Fans are quick to point out how you can essentially smoke one anywhere and that it ‘doesn’t smell!’ (this is true) If you know a vape user I’m sure you’ve heard the arguments. This is true to some degree, almost anywhere you could smoke a joint you can also pull on your vape, but everywhere? Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Legislation exists in most markets to limit vaporizer use in public restaurants and anywhere where you couldn’t smoke a cigarette. One advantage the oil based vapes offer is the choice to have a consistent experience. Companies have been rushing to provide branded oils designed to deliver the same high each and every time. In a number of ways vaporizers represent the future of marijuana consumption. They are clean, easy to operate, and don’t require any advanced techniques to prepare. Think of them as joint 2.0.


If you’re caught between camps, don’t worry, this isn’t the presidential election; you can switch your vote and jump between methods at a moments notice. In fact, this is likely what you’ll end up doing. Each method of consumption has its own distinct time and place, there may be some overlap but when there is, the decision falls on your shoulders. Will it be a rip of the bong, a toke on the joint, or a smooth pull on that shiny new vape. Its up to you.