Gear Report What’s New in Coffee, Cannabis and Design

Gear Report What’s New in Coffee, Cannabis and Design

As 2016 continues to unravel, so does a new range of gadgets intended to spruce up the way we do the things we hold dear. Today’s tech generation is committed to simplifying life like never before, and with these new gadgets, things might never be the same. If you happen to be of the creative type with an appreciation for all things modern, keep your eyes peeled for these innovative items set to take some of our most prized industries by storm.


Wave City Coffee Table (photo: Mousarris)


Innovation has reached the furniture realm in the Wave City Coffee Table by designer Stelios Mousarris. Far from the ordinary, the table was built utilizing 3D printing technology and expert craftsmanship to form a statement piece fitting of a dream. It was inspired by the film Inception, and at upwards of $5,000 may be the only statement piece you’ll ever need to bring your home’s interior to life.


Ferro Printabowl (photo: Printabowl)


Intended to revolutionize the way the world of cannabis does technology, Al and Saul Jacobs of the University of Washington in Seattle have unveiled a new way to light up. The brothers created a line of futuristic water pipes utilizing the powers of 3D printing, resulting in the founding of their own company, called Printabowl. Their first collection of pieces, the Cumulo Collection, includes three designs, all manufactured from ceramic by 3D printers. Ranging from $300 to $350, the pieces are a fine option for those looking for a dose of fine art with their cannabis.


For connoisseurs of coffee and cannabis, there are few things more exciting than when these two worlds collide. Such is the case in the CANNCUP, created by CannTrust, a medical cannabis producer based in Ontario. Combining coffee and cannabis in a most delectable way, these Keurig-style coffee pods will deliver a dose of cannabis in hot chocolate tea or your run-of-the-mill coffee, killing two birds with one stone(r). The company’s CEO, Eric Paul, hopes to make pot consumption more discreet with the invention, though a license for the product is still in the works.


Ripple Maker Latte Art Machine (photo: coffeeripples)


The consumption of coffee has evolved over the decades. Aside from the beloved boost that comes with a good cup of joe, the masses are now striving for aesthetics in their coffee, with latte art gaining traction among millennials and the general population of coffee drinkers alike. It’s become so popular, in fact, that there is now an entire movement dedicated to the art of the latte. The Ripple Maker Latte Art Machine takes the craft to a much more manageable level, with the machine placing tiny drops of coffee extract onto foam to create delicate, intricate designs in mere seconds. Pick your design via LCD touchscreen and sit back as the Ripple Maker recognizes and adjusts to your cup’s height and width – no muss, no fuss.



Potbox Marijuana Subscription Club (photo: Potbox)


Subscription services are gaining popularity among millennials for good reason – who doesn’t love getting mail? Potbox, a premium cannabis service, delivers the good stuff right to your door each month. Hand-selected to fit your individual needs, each comes with two four gram containers of cannabis and two pre-rolled joints, as well as additional information about the included strain to ensure you become well-versed in history of the cannabis you are smoking. The future has never looked so bright.