Finding Simplicity in Chaos

Finding Simplicity in Chaos

Simplifying the chaos of modern living, contemporary artists are returning to the basics of minimalist design to tell stories that matter. Revolutionizing lifestyle products from intuitive kettles, ceramic pipes and rolling machines, it’s the art of practicality that makes these artists stand out in the market place. Stripped to its essentials, minimalism finds meaning in stories without complication; a repetition of simple shapes, patterns and elements that speak louder than words.

With timeless aesthetic at the heart of their craft, these artists fuse functionality and style to stimulate, inspire and add beauty to day-to-day routines.


Handcrafted ceramic pipes by Ben Medansky (photo: Jesse Milns)

Ben Medansky is a burgeoning ceramic artist from Los Angeles. Inspired by the mineral formations in Arizona, Medansky uses traditional ceramic methods to produce handcrafted mugs, pipes and stylish vessels. His work is collected worldwide, with a vibrant appreciation for his traditional clay craft methods.

Spectacular black and white glazes are signature to the Medanksy collection. Peace Black, Soleri Fume and Chill Blue pipes are made for professionals looking for simple style and functionality. Complimentary to a nine-to-five lifestyle, this modern ceramic pipe is a studio show off that deserves a spot on the shelf. Unwind, relax and find balance with Medansky’s signature handcrafted pipes unlike any other.


Kristina Stark Hommage Matchbox Covers (photo: Jesse Milns)


Kristina Stark is a Swedish designer fusing form and functionality with her Hommage Matchbox Covers. Nominated four times for her original domestic products at Formex Formidable in Stockholm, Stark is motivated by life’s everyday things and is recognized around the world by her symmetrical designs.

Sold in powder coated iron in black and white, there’s a subtle charm with every Stark piece that’s elegant and modern. With personified simplification, it’s the attractiveness of functionality that catch the eyes of customers looking for everyday utility. Lining the shelves, tables and desks of the home – Kristina is at the forefront of domestic design to modernize homes.


An original Alex Senna design on the front of Tokyo Smoke Found in Toronto, Ontario (photo: A-Frame)


Alex Senna is a globally recognized São Paulo-based artist sharing the symbol of love with a spray can. Inspiring romance, nostalgia, and love, Senna’s artwork transforms ordinary urban spaces into works of art with his black and white signature style and memorable characters.


With work across the world in Miami, Holland, Tel Aviv and Brazil, Senna uses large-scale iconic imagery to add narrative to ordinary spaces. Commissioned for window displays, illustrations, graffiti and editorial, it’s easy to spot an original Senna work by his soft touch in urban settings. His artwork is a gentle reminder to stop and appreciate love in all forms.