Elevate Your Living Space - Decorating Tips for Small Apartments

Elevate Your Living Space - Decorating Tips for Small Apartments

Apartment living in the city can be a challenge. You’re often forced to pay high prices to rent a space that’s roughly the size of your childhood bedroom. While small apartments may not be the most desirable places to live for many city-dwellers, there are ways to both utilize the space and elevate it further with a few creative touches.


Vertical shelving helps keep floor space open (Photo: Wicker Paradise)


Find your color palette. One of the simplest ways to make your apartment feel larger is by using a lighter color palette. If you are able to, paint the walls an off-white color - not only will this brighten up your new home, it will give the illusion of it being more substantial. For those of you who thrive on vivid colors, fear not...you can choose a boldly colored piece of furniture or a few small decor items to serve as a statement piece. These eye-catching pops of color will also serve as a visual lead throughout the space, creating the feeling that the room is much bigger than it truly is.


Purchase multi-purpose furniture. By design, apartments require that residents think outside the box for storage. An easy way to do this is by finding furniture that doubles as storage space. Try looking for a bed frame that contains under-bed storage, or an ottoman that can store extra blankets inside of it. Investing in dual-purpose furniture allows you to keep your apartment free of excess clutter as well, which in turn will make it feel larger.


Think vertically. If you’re running out of space, start building up. For example, a set of floating shelves to house your movie collection will give you a little extra floor space around your television. Utilizing the vertical space in your apartment also forces the eyes to look upward, rather than just focusing on the horizontal space in front of you.


Mirrors and metallics are your BFFs. Employ natural light by hanging a large mirror across from a window. Allowing light to bounce off the walls will make your space feel sizably bigger. You can also use this effect with metallic decor - the shimmer of the metal will repel light across the room, giving both a new visual and some edgy style to your new place.


Downsize your stuff. Depending on your personality, this is either than the easiest or hardest suggestion for apartment dwellers. Eliminating items that you no longer need, and will only take up excess valuable space, is the fastest way to keep your small apartment feeling uncluttered. If it truly pains you to think about tossing some of your old belongings, try making it a positive by donating the items to those in need either at a homeless shelter or your local Goodwill. Trust me, your apartment will thank you and good karma will be headed your way!


Small apartments always seem to be a rite of passage for adults living in the city. While you may be slightly horrified (and start questioning how anyone could ever live in a space that size) the first time you lay eyes on the new apartment, with a touch of innovation it’ll feel like home in no time.