Cannabis Diaries The PR Director Combatting Work Stress

Cannabis Diaries The PR Director Combatting Work Stress

At Tokyo Smoke, we're anonymously chatting with our friends, café dwellers and extended creative community about their Cannabis habits over the course of the week. From strains to supplies, anecdotes and advice, the outcome is always interesting.

This week we're following a PR Director who is a nighttime and vacation smoker to help cope with work stress and anxiety.


530pm: Heading towards the Great White North on Saturday. Each summer I spend 4-5 days at my family’s hunting lodge west of Sudbury on an island. My weed consumption will definitely increase with my time off, so I go to my local dispensary to stock up for a week on the lake. I opt for Jack Herer, a sativa-dominant strain for the daytime and also an Indica (Northern Lights) because why not? Maybe I’ll get to take them in while sitting by the campfire.


1130pm: Meetings ran late today, which is typical. It would be fair to say my moderate habit helps me cope with work stress and anxiety. I eventually left the office at 8:30pm to hang with my squad (we refer to ourselves as such, ironically) for birthday drinks. Negroni’s all around, a great bottle of Chablis. Hit the PAX2 on the way home and grabbed a slice. In a panic to pack and get to bed. Leaving at 6:45am for the 7-hour drive north.


815am: Finally on the road. Stopped for coffee and a ham & cheese croissant at The Common. Going miss great coffee for the next week. Road trip playlist in effect.


7pm: Arrived on the Island. Celebratory beers for surviving the long car ride and a dip in the lake. Steaks on the BBQ, Fugee’s ‘The Score’ on the stereo. After dinner, we get the campfire going and smoke some Northern Lights. Sadly, there are none to be seen in the sky. Cap off the evening with a group skinny dip.




11am: Got a jog in before heading into town for breakfast at Mom’s, a local institution known for greasy diner breakfasts and the most decadent, gigantic apple fritters. Post breakfast, we go for a hike on the Cup & Saucer Trail, take in the vista and smoke. Such a gorgeous view. We popped into town to rent two paddle boards for a couple days. All of us could use a bit of a workout after gorging on chips every night around the campfire. Have you tried Honey Dijon Kettle Chips? I’m addicted.





630pm: I smoked cannabis off and on throughout high school. It seemed like everyone smoked, the jocks, the nerd, the skaters. I stopped for years after “borrowing” a couple grams from a family member. It turned out it was crazy strong hydro and I didn’t like the full body high. I started smoking again a couple years ago to combat insomnia caused by work stress and anxiety. As soon as I started, my sleep troubles disappeared and I now sleep better than ever. Dinner tonight consisted of pickerel caught this morning, beer-battered and served with roasted sweet potatoes and summer corn. It started raining after dinner forcing us indoors for multiple games of Uno, a great bottle of Norman Hardie Chardonnay and some bud. We got into the Mom’s apple fritters. The perfect nightcap.




1pm: Sun’s out and its very hot. Happy to be missing this heat wave in the city. Spend the entire afternoon in the lake. One of my friends brought one of those oversized blowup swans. Super fun to drift the afternoon away. Sunburnt. Heading back to the city tomorrow, don’t want this to end.


1045pm: Final dip in the lake. I love night swimming, it’s so incredibly peaceful. The sky was totally clear this evening making stargazing while floating on my back near perfect. We’re so incredibly lucky to live in this beautiful country.




11am: Back at Mom’s for breakfast and a box of apple fritters to take back to the office. My team’s going to be very happy to see me tomorrow morning. Pile into the car, Chance the Rapper’s The Coloring Book playing as we begrudgingly creep back towards to sweltering city. I already miss the lake.