Cannabis Diaries The Head of Marketing Who Just Wants Some Sleep

Cannabis Diaries The Head of Marketing Who Just Wants Some Sleep

At Tokyo Smoke, we're anonymously chatting with our friends, café dwellers and extended creative community about their Cannabis habits over the course of the week. From strains to supplies, anecdotes and advice, the outcome is always interesting.

This week we're following a 33yr old head of marketing who can't seem to get any sleep.


630am: alarm goes off and, as per usual, I’m doing some quick mental math to figure out how many hours I slept. 5? Maybe 5.5 off and on throughout the night. That’s followed by a quick e-mail check to make sure the world didn’t explode overnight.

Greek Yogurt with fruit, a smoothie and some side back bacon and I’m off to work.

10am: s*it has already hit the fan. Perfect way to start the week. One of my mandates in leading our marketing is to expose the brand to a new and diverse audience. For that, partnerships are usually the way to go. I’m in the fortunate situation that a whole host of brands continually approach me with partnership ideas. The difficulty is actually narrowing down the choices. While this is an enviable position, any partnership still requires a great deal of faith in your counterpart. Sometimes, that backfires in a big way. Crisis control starts early this week.

615pm: quitting time. Solid 10hrs at the office. To start the week off right, I hit the gym to clear my head. That hour is about the only time I’m not on my computer, thinking about work or thinking about not thinking about work.

815pm: open my fridge and there’s actually food. This is probably the first time in a month my fridge isn’t empty….I’m in my 30’s.

1030pm: after another 2hrs of work, time to finally relax. Over the years, I’ve realized the importance of giving myself a little bit of time between work and when I try and sleep. For this, I break out my PAX2 and a new strain given to me by a friend. It’s a hybrid called Cannatonic. It’s a fairly unique hybrid as it has a low THC content and high CBD. I’ve had sleep issues for years as my mind tends to race throughout the night. Not one to take pills, I began smoking weed before bed to to slow my thoughts and actually get some rest. That’s why I generally look for bud that is less psychoactive and more calming.

2am: nice middle of the night wakeup. Spent the next 1.5hrs in a combination of tossing, turning and wall staring


1020pm: - still working. Managed to take an hour break to book a trip to India for a friend’s wedding. It’ll be my 10th wedding of the year. It feels like all my free time and money goes straight to other people’s house funds. Starting to think about when it’s time to close the laptop and grab the PAX2. The Cannatonic hit me harder than I thought it would last night. There was none of the anxiety I sometimes get with a straight Indica but I was tired almost immediately…..exactly what it was supposed to do.


PAX2 & the strain 'Cannatonic'


230am: awake again. Toss, turn, repeat.



1pm: just had a potential partnership deal fall through. We had been discussing how to make the arrangement work for months. This afternoon, the potential partner decided to pull out of the deal. It’s a reality with the work I do where business objectives don’t always coincide.

This bring me back to my first day at work post-university. I was a lowly account coordinator for a large, multinational ad agency. Sitting at my desk, a woman I had never met or seen came up to me and put a sticky note on my new, company issued laptop. It simply read ‘C.Y.A.’


I looked at her, not saying anything. We sat there,eyes locked in silence for minutes (it was probably actually 2 seconds) before she said, ‘Cover. Your. Ass. Never forget that. Whatever you do, cover your ass.’ Happy first day of work to me!


She was referring to always having a paper trail to protect myself. While a stern warning for a first day, this is something I wish I would have paid closer attention to from the outset. I’ve taken those words and adjusted them as my career has evolved. Now I’m less concerned about having a paper trail and more concerned with having multiple options. Covering my ass in case something falls through, as tends to happen.


So, when I hung up the phone with the potential partner, a quick second phone call got the discussions going again with another interested team. I C’d my A quite nicely.


7pm: meet up with friends at a local bar. Good hip hop, good gin and a torrential downpour outside. We blow off steam, talk s*it and yell in each other’s faces for hours. At some point, a buddy heads out to smoke a joint. I don’t join. He smokes a strong Indica which, for me, would end my night as a social person.


1130pm: despite my lack of success with Cannatonic, I give it another go. I can’t really tell if it’s the weed or booze that helps me actually fall asleep on this night.


4am: awake...again.




630am: check my calendar. First item is to confirm with the group from last night about our potential trip to Iceland….we’re going to Iceland?


11pm: trying to get into bed at a reasonable time. The heat + lack of sleep has definitely affected my work. Since Cannatonic hasn’t worked, I opt for the JuJu joint a friend gave me. Clearly I have great friends. JuJu is a disposable oil pen that came pre-loaded with a hybrid Cheese x G13 stain, whatever that means. It’s a high THC, low CBD blend. I take a few pulls while watching sports highlights


330am: here we are again….’hello darkness my old friend’ rolls through my head and I realize I only know what that is from Old School. Is that sad?




8am: When I worked for a large corporation, weeks were just countdowns until Friday. Now that I’m at a start-up (second one I’ve been involved with), the switch from Friday to the weekend just means I’ll be working at home tomorrow rather than the office. I’m not complaining, I love working in my underwear.


2pm: trying to track down people on a Friday afternoon in the summer….I may as well try to find Waldo in the dark


9pm: hit up a local bar that just opened. 100+ ciders on the menu. My date and I get taster flights and probably try 8 of them while sitting on a beautiful patio on a calm summer night. I guess Fridays aren’t so bad




9am: underwear and work.


12pm: sweatpants and work.


8pm: packing for an out of town wedding tomorrow. Wedding #4 of 10 I can think of off the top of my head. I’m a +1 for this wedding. Dress well, be polite, dance, make jokes.




6pm: wedding ceremony. People are crying. I’m scoping out where the bars are. Priorities

11pm: band is impressive and the DJ is great….pretty much all I need at a wedding. We dance and drink til 2am and take a shuttle back to the hotel. Have to be up early to drive back (aka sit in traffic) to the city. I didn’t bring any weed with me...I barely sleep.