Cannabis Diaries The Evolving Habit of the Prominent Chef

Cannabis Diaries The Evolving Habit of the Prominent Chef

At Tokyo Smoke we’re anonymously chatting with our friends, café dwellers and the extended creative community about their Cannabis habits over the course of the week. From strains to supplies, anecdotes and advice, the outcome is always interesting.

This week we’re following a celebrated local chef who, coming up in the kitchen, would smoke constantly. Like honing his knife skills, he explains that he loved the tactile experience of rolling. Now with two children and a corporate position, his habit is best described as in peaks and valleys. But with his family out of town, he’s all about it.





8am: My wife travels for business, which sometimes means the kids get shopped around, but when she’s home she’s full-time childcare. Being July, they’re heading up to the cottage while I man the fort, kitchen and supply in Toronto. I take brownies out the freezer before I go to work.


2pm: I sit through back to back meetings at work. We’re talking about catering, food cost, new hires. The business behind the kitchen. Not as stimulating as writing a menu but has to be done.


8pm: I get into a brownie. Essentially, I got them at a PTA meeting when my daughter started kindergarten. This put my wife and I in a world where we’re interacting with other parents (not by choice). Everyone is looking around, craving connection and eye contact. My wife and I zoom in on the other least yuppie looking people in the room. That follows up with a surprise FB invite to the mom’s 40th birthday with a liner that ‘there will be brownies’. We send a message asking ‘what kind of brownies’. The response is: 100% gluten free, organic, hipster nonsense. We go to the party, grab some of the dessert only to be told after indulging that they’re pot brownies. This is mine and my wife’s first experience of them. We end up getting super baked, have a great time, go to other parties with our new pot brownie friends who grow in Tobermory on a farm. They’re not dealers, but they are gifters. Like any good hostess, we get sent away with a Tupperware. That’s what I’m chowing tonight.




3pm: I oversee multiple kitchens and do the rounds between them today. There’s definitely some glazed expressions behind the line this afternoon but as long as they’re performing, I ignore it.


5pm: Having a couple buddies over for dinner. As per usual, I’m cooking. I duck into Cumbrae’s after work to pick up steaks that will be prepared super simply. Good cuts, all about the ingredients.


730pm: As with any good preparation, you want to baste your steak in butter. For this crew, I’m using the pot butter that was given to me by a former Sous Chef I mentored. Because he knows me, he has made sure it’s an Indica, though I can’t remember the strain.

11pm: Good crew, good meal, good buzz and beers before I get into bed. As Apatow said, this is 40.




8am: Wake up. Roll up. Get lit.


9am: Now that I’m in my 40s, I feel the need to be a productive smoker. I start my day heading into my backyard garden, doing some planting. I’m growing tomatoes, peas, chilies, and a giant herb garden; the stuff that will end up on my family’s plates.



1pm: Netflix day, solo day. Mowing through episode after episode of ‘House of Cards’, rolling joints every little while. I’m a classic Zigzag guy, haven’t really gotten into any of the paraphernalia.


4pm: When my old roommate and I lived together we were absolutely chronic. I still lean on him as a supplier. He knows me, knows my smoking habits and hooks me up, sight unseen. I’ve been getting through a bag of Lemon Haze he brought me a little while ago.


8pm: The wife and kids get home. The family and work life resumes in time for Monday.