Cannabis Diaries The Active Weekend Smoker

Cannabis Diaries The Active Weekend Smoker




6pm - Get home, kick off shoes and pants, turn volume UP and press play on Life of Pablo / Ziggy Stardust / Action Bronson / LCD Soundsystem (depends on the week). I have a sterling silver tea serving plate. I use it as a weed plate cause I'm fancy like that. I grind up my newest and most favourite Indica strain "Nuken". Pull out my "Smoking Maiz" inch and quarter (rice) rolling papers, fold up my pre-cut filters, bite them to round them out and roll it tight. Pop a top off a Modello beer, lay flat down on my patio and smoke half that thing.


True to most Indicas and generally my reaction to most weeds, My imagination starts running hyper fast and so do my muscles. Unlike most of my other friends, I'm a social, functional and active high. I love to build things, despite not knowing how to or successfully doing so. On Fridays though, on all Fridays, my favourite most calming excellent tradition is smoke, cook, drink and clean. I'll start scrubbing, organizing, designing and cooking.I wont stop for three hours before I realize its been three hours.


I dance, rap, cook clean and smoke on and off. Will Ferell is right, "it gets the people going." Given that my mind is often on other things, I'll wake up the next morning and think, damn how'd this place get so clean. Its very satisfying.


The second benefit is my appetite. I don't have a very good one.. I like food and can appreciate a good meal but if you gave me PBJ sandwiches all week I wouldn't notice. This is to say Im no "Foodie". When I smoke I get a little more creative with my cooking and more importantly I eat it all. When I do eat, I am a healthy eater. Too many times, I've done my fruit and vegetable shopping for the week on Friday only to wake up to half of it eaten by Saturday morning.


The third benefit, as an on and off private (cigarette) smoker, when I'm high, I never smoke cigarettes, It takes the craving completely off my radar.


I don't know if I have a more stressful job than anyone else, but I'm a property manager which often means I deal with problems. From tenants, at buildings, with the city or public services. Its a reactionary position; 'here's the problem, what should we do'. With any of those issues its my philosophy that "patience is power". Brampton Hydro may keep me on hold for 28 minutes but when that "service specialist" answers the phone, cursing them out for the wait won't get you anywhere, being polite calm and direct will achieve your goals, plus you can hang up the phone knowing you're not an asshole yelling at an employee who has very little control on wait times.


When a tenant is ready to take a bat to his neighbour for parking in his spot, being a clam voice on the other end of line will help diffuse the situation, yelling won't. I'm a generally calm person but work like this can add up, it can add up for anyone.

So at the end of the week, when business are closed and no one is calling me, I turn off and reconnect with the imagination I've always had and kept me entertained when I played alone as a kid.


I've smoked weed for most of adult life. I feel that it inspires my sense of humour, makes me self reflective, allowing me to be open to self improvements.


Smoke weed like Snoop but not as much as Snoop.