An Introduction to the PAX 2

An Introduction to the PAX 2

The cannabis marketplace is in a state of remarkable change. While outdated pot products still thrive in seedy gift shops, there’s a new era of modern cannabis products that are redefining the way users consume marijuana in public spaces. Designed and manufactured with the aim to improve the smoke experience, PAX 2 is a vaporizer that’s making headlines with its modern design and state-of-the-art technology.


PAX 2 Vaporizer


Built with medical grade components, cannabis users are entering into a new space of effective, quality products that are portable, built to last, and impress in any occasion. Since its predecessor, PAX 2 has redefined the vapor experience with its weightless palm-size feel (100 grams to be exact) and dynamic temperature settings to customize the smoking experience. The result is a clean vapor with no second-hand smoke. No cough guaranteed.

Now that legalization is nearing, users can feel empowered, proud and motivated to find premium products to match the quality of their cannabis strain. With the rising awareness around luxury cannabis consumers, pot smokers aren’t afraid to take their PAX 2 to work and social gatherings. Given its consumer-centric design, it’s a sexy look for urbanites looking for a smoke-free miracle. And it is. Made for a superhero, and used by avid cannabis users across the globe.


For those who aren’t familiar with the PAX 2, it’s a vaporizer, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Built into a sleek cylinder design, this product is incredibly powerful with a built-in oven, aluminum cover, and flat mouthpiece for smooth inhaling. Replacing the original PAX, this newer model is more intuitive, powerful and comes with an integrated LED indicator.


Photo: Jesse Milns


From its longer-lasting battery power, deeper oven and four levels of heating, cannabis users are smoking on an entirely new level with the help of smart technology. Available in four anodized aluminum colors, black, silver, blue and red, this stylish vaporizer makes outdated, clunky vaporizers look like child’s play.


Don’t be intimidated by its polished look, the PAX 2 is designed for comfort, simplicity, and easy use. After opening the magnetic sub-flush lid and packing, press down on the button, hold for a few seconds and watch PAX 2 transition into party mode with a light-up green indicator. Using lip sensing technology, PAX is optimized to heat immediately to activate vaporized heating with a premium finish. Complete with a USB loading dock, the PAX 2 recharges in two to three hours and is available with an AC wall adapter for those on the move.


Consider this the Apple product of cannabis, because it’s here to stay.