2015 Men's Fashion Highlights

2015 Men's Fashion Highlights

The world of fashion saw some ups and downs in 2015. (Ask yourself in six months if that hoverboard was a wise investment.) Below are some of the best trends with tips on how to wear and, just as importantly, how not to wear them.


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All-Camel Everything


Every designer from classic couture houses to contemporary urban and street wear-inspired brands had a camel showing which turned heads on the runway. The advantage of this color is its versatility for the everyman, with anchoring capability to offset your more bold fashion choices.


(Don't) Try this at home: While camel can be a home run combo, think of it as a way of grounding a look. Try a camel staple to start. Pick up a camel blazer, dressed up with a patterned, buttoned shirt, or down with a graphic crew neck or hoodie. Try a v-neck in cashmere for extra comfort, pair it with a bold leather jacket, or understated turtleneck for an elegant, easy look; or get a long duster jacket or trench in the color to evoke that classic Cary Grant machismo. Always make sure your shade of camel doesn't wash out your skin tone by being too light.

Army-Inspired Awe


Military-inspired garb carved out a new place in menswear, with offerings including classic bomber and aviation jackets, canvas layering pieces and ballistic watch bands (See more on watches below). While camouflage accents were popular, the pattern isn't for blending-in as much as standing-out.


(Don't) Try this at home: If you're reading this, you've passed basic training, so no need to go full fatigue. Keep it cool while staying warm, by adding a classic-looking bomber jacket to your outerwear repertoire. Add a little rough to your outfit with a simple camo-accented bag or watchband.

Watch My Fresh


Watch manufacturers moved forward by stripping down. Gone are the watch faces with more dials and gadgets than a space shuttle dashboard (Does your watch even have a calculator, bro?). Watch bands experienced a rare renaissance, moving away from gaudy links, into more stylish pieces in canvas and leather, nato-style straps.


(Don't) Try this at home: Contemplate an upgrade. Keep your accessories timeless by grabbing a stylish timepiece. Looking for budget options? The Timex Weekender collection and the Seiko 5 line offer go-with-anything versatility without breaking the bank. Looking to splurge on a piece you can wear for life? Check out The Runwell from Shinola.


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Don't Tie Me Down

Gone are the stagnant paradigms which have repressed men's fashion for years. 2015 was the year we said no-tie is the new tie.


(Don't) Try this at home: You don't have to hold a tie burning just yet. If your workplace still requires a tie, find something in full cotton, preferably a knit. If you can fly no-tie, try the air tie to modernize your style. Get the look with a mandarin-collared shirt or classic pattern, buttoned to the top. Pro tip: if you're going for this look make sure to try on the shirt first for a good fit around the neck.

Boot 'N Rally


While sneakers stepped out in 2015, with new classics from Kanye, fashion collabs with New Balance, and even quality couture brands dropping new sneakers, the unsung hero of 2015: the Chelsea boot.


(Don't) Try this at home: This is one trend that's hard to get wrong, get a quality pair of black Chelsea boots in your size and step in style. Repeat, until complemented by everyone you know.